Replacement devices and parts

  •  July 17, 2016

Dear parents/guardians and students.

Here are some solutions and information about replacements for missing chargers, keyboards or devices. Here at HSI, we are trying to find best solution and cheapest way for you and for us to keep all school assets in order and ready for generations to come.

There are two options and they are as follows…...

Option 1:
If you are missing charger, you may pay at the school $32.
If you are missing keyboard, you may pay at the school $40 (originally $52 in Parent/Student handbook).
If you are missing Chromebook device, you may pay at the school $429.

Option 2:
Buying and bringing replacement device or part.

Lenovo x131e charger

- Lenovo x131e keyboard

- Lenovo 11e charger

- Lenovo N21 charger

If you have to replace whole device, eligible device is Lenovo N22 Chromebook 80SF with 11.6" Screen, Celeron N3050 processing unit, 4 GB RAM(not 2GB) - 16 GB SSD


For information which charger should you buy, you may reach our IT specialist at, because wrongly purchased replacement parts will not be accepted, for example X131e charger instead of 11e or N21, etc.

Also if you didn’t fulfill your obligation from beginning of the year for device use and insurance, we would like to ask you to do it as soon as possible because that is the only thing standing between you and expensive device repair. As an example only screen replacement is $90, and we will contact you with receipt if you don’t have chrome book insurance ($33). Unfortunately, insurance doesn’t cover lost devices and if device has been abused.

In case that you have to replace keyboard or charger, you may do it right away. However if you have to replace the whole device and purchase new Chromebook, we would like to ask you to wait till Thursday.

If the student doesn’t have device right away, the device may be found on Wednesday when all lockers are emptied and all our inventory counted and organized. For all Chromebook device replacements, if device isn’t found, we will give you a notice on Thursday, May 26.

Final date for fulfillment of all obligations is Friday May 27. 2016.

Till that date please make payment at the school, bring replacement or, if you decide to make purchase, please send us e-mail with purchase confirmation, where, in that case, you may bring replacement next week.

Sincerely, HSI Garland

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